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Lori Oliver-Tierney grew up in Utah. Although it is a beautiful state, she never fit in. After 18 years of staying within 50 miles of her hometown, Lori's first adventure began as a long-distance move to California and it’s been home ever since.

When she turned 19 she started working summers as a waitress in Yosemite National Park and taking short backpacks on her days off. She was blown away by the beauty of the High Sierra and looked forward every week to the time she got to spend away from the tourists, breathing the clean mountain air. People often spoke of the beautiful John Muir Trail and it became a dream of hers to hike it.

But life got in the way...

After attending Long Beach State University and receiving a degree in Recreation/Parks and Recreational Therapy, she met her husband, Patrick (better known as Smiley). His job took him around the world, and she gave up her ambitions, becoming a teacher by default. She taught for 26 years quickly learning it was her calling.

Lori has always loved to read and that made her love to write. As a child she would stay up reading with a flashlight under her covers into the wee hours of the morning, promising herself, someday she’d travel to far off places and write about them.

In 2004 she kept that promise. At fifty years old, Lori gave herself the gift of hiking the John Muir Trail. It was a life-changing experience. TRUDGE: A mid-life crisis on the John Muir Trail is her memoir documenting that journey.

The crowning glory of Lori’s existence is her family. She has been married 40 years, has two incredible sons, and a wonderful daughter-in-law. To top it all off she has lived long enough to be a grandma. Her grandsons are made to endure 100 kisses whenever she sees them. They are the light of her life.

Lori lives a simple life in the small town of Mariposa CA, and at 64 years old continues to hike and enjoy the wilderness. 


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